March 21, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

dementia care syracuse ny

Everyone faces times of forgetfulness: misplacing the car keys, wondering if the lights were turned off before leaving home. But at what point does mild memory loss seem to be crossing over into potential Alzheimer’s disease?

Knowing more about the disease and its warning signs can help family members and caregivers know when they are dealing with normal memory loss and when it might be something more serious. Alzheimer’s disease typically begins after 60, and the risk increases with age. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are ten warning signs for Alzheimer’s:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life – forgetting recently learned information or important dates
  • Trouble in planning or solving problems – difficulty following familiar instructions, recipes, how to pay monthly bills, etc.
  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks – trouble navigating to familiar places
  • Time and place confusion – losing track of days or seasons
  • Trouble understanding visual images or spatial relationships – difficulty judging distance or determining colors
  • New problems with speaking or writing – repetitive speech, trouble following conversations
  • Misplacing things, inability to retrace steps – putting things in unusual places, may accuse others of stealing
  • Decreased or poor judgment – problems dealing with money, paying less attention to grooming
  • Withdrawal from work or social activities – shying away from social functions or tasks
  • Changes in mood or personality – easily upset, confused, suspicious, fearful, etc.

It’s important to check with your loved one’s physician if you notice any of these warning signs. Whether your loved one is facing Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any other debilitating condition, At Home Independent Living can help provide a full range of personalized home care services and dementia care in Syracuse NY and the surrounding areas where he or she is most comfortable – at home. We serve all of Onondaga, Cortland, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga and Seneca counties. Download our brochure or call us today at 315-579-4663 to discuss how we can meet your particular needs.