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At Home Independent Living, Inc. has been a life saver for the Hutton family. In July of 2015, our Mom required companion care so that she could remain at home. Her health was deteriorating, and the service that our family was employing suddenly quit when they saw the needs for Mom increasing, leaving us without coverage.

In doing a search on the net, A Place for Mom came up, and I was introduced to At Home Independent Living, Inc. Joe worked with me to provide care for our Mom that was delivered with respect. They interviewed our Mom, quickly determined her needs, and in 1 week put together a group of caring, competent caregivers that helped Mom stay at home. In addition, this group was consistent, and unlike our previous service, did not send new people every day. That was a comfort to our Mom. Although their service can’t provide medical support, every other facet was covered so that Mom could stay in the house instead of going into assisted living. The most important of elements of the care provided were compassion and respect for our Mom and the family.

As things changed in our Mom’s health, At Home Independent Living has been able to adjust to her needs, and now they help her at an assisted living facility, bringing her items from the store, taking her outside in a wheelchair, and again being a person to talk to as our family is spread all over the US and no one is geographically close to Mom. This is huge help to us, Mom’s children, since At Home Independent Living, Inc. helps us keep another set of eyes on Mom.

I would recommend their service to anyone, as it is affordable, does meet all non-medical needs and is handled professionally and with expediency. As far as I am concerned, they are the only choice to provide respite care in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding area.

– Norman H. (Son of an At Home Independent Living Client)

I am so happy and pleased. I can’t tell you enough good things about Nikki (the At Home Independent Living chaperone). She had all good things to say about your company too. Nikki turned what was such a horrible, tough thing to have to go through totally around for me. I actually had fun! And then she was kind and helpful when we got back and stayed with me for a while in my home to make sure I was I ok.

– Christie D. (Client of At Home Independent Living’s Chaperoned Transportation Services)

I enthusiastically recommend “At Home Independent Living, Inc.” to anyone who is searching for an agency to provide care for an elderly parent or loved one in their home. Let’s face it, no one wants to go to a nursing home if they don’t have to. I did not want to put my 87 year old aunt into a nursing home when she suffered a debilitating compression fracture of her spine suddenly this past June, mostly because I felt that she would become despondent if she had to give up her little dog Daisy.

My aunt had been living alone in her apartment in Camillus and managing quite well in spite of many health problems. Then I received a call from a fireman who had been dispatched to her apartment through her Life Line call button. He explained that my aunt was unable to get up out of her chair or bed due to severe back pain, and that this was the third time the fire department had responded. He told me that I needed to do something ASAP!! I raced over to my aunt’s apartment — over an hour drive on the thruway — and discovered that she was in a terrible predicament, surviving on crackers and pizza bagels, unable to move around, and clearly not able to stay alone.

The Visiting Nurses Association gave me a list of home health care agencies. I’m so glad that the first one I called was “At Home Independent Living.” There are a number of reasons that I feel secure about this agency. I’ve had experience with home health care agencies in the past when my mother needed assistance. First, Mr. Bellefeuille assured me that the employees have received thorough criminal background checks. He has solved the issue of too many people coming and going by maintaining 3 employees who rotate every 3 days—and one doesn’t leave until their replacement arrives. I liked that the uptake interview focused on the unique needs of my aunt. He hires companions who are older, retired people who are patient and can identify with the dilemma of “getting older”. By that afternoon, Dean provided a mature, experienced caregiver to take over so that I could go home, feeling totally relieved.

It’s going on 3 months now since my aunt has required around the clock assistance, and I feel that she is in good hands for a number of reasons. My aunt told me that she doesn’t know how she’d survive without the companions. She is finally eating balanced meals that the companions prepare instead of crackers and cheese. Mr. Bellefeuille can be reached by either me or my aunt at any time if any problems arise, and we’ve stayed in close communication by phone and e-mail. He has shown a surprising willingness to go out of his way to find solutions to the myriad of needs that arose when my aunt became suddenly disabled, and I continue to thank my lucky stars that his agency was the first one I called in my time of desperation.

– Elizabeth R.

I wanted to thank you sincerely for all the work and time you put forth making my family comfortable. Meeting the needs of my mother, father and I is quite a challenge. Your frequent communications are comforting for me and help me feel that I know what is happening so many miles away.

My mom finally is content and comfortable with the day to day routine At Home Independent Living, Inc. has been able to establish for her. She appreciates you sitting down with her and talking through her needs. It is so respectful and it certainly has made a big difference in her attitude. I also know my dad appreciates that Mom is being cared for as well.

Because I live such a long distance from New York our family issues are tremendously complicated but since you have become a provider for my mom my life is much more relaxed with you handling the day to day issues of care. Also, I feel that having your staff attend doctors’ appointments with food diaries and comments about Mom activities helped her recover sooner from her gastrointestinal problems.

Everyone I have spoken with on your staff has been a caring provider and very cooperative. We could not manage without your help. People have been flexible and responsible to our needs.

I would recommend your services without hesitation to anyone in the Auburn area.

– Deanne B.

Thank you for helping me keep my wife home during her illness, which extended her quality of life. The matching of a client to the best available caregiver is a difficult task, of which you have done an excellent job.

The staff and caregivers provided constant support with compassion, care and kindness during a difficult time. Your listing ear provided an outlet for me in addition to the social interaction. Your company in my opinion is the “best” in Central New York.

Thank you,
– Roman S. & Family

We truly appreciate the understanding and support you have given our family after the passing of our father. This has been a difficult time for all of us. We are saddened by the passing of our father. Your presence helped to lighten the burden. Your kindness has made such a difference in helping us get through these challenging days. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

– Jack S.