24-Hour Home Care in the Syracuse Area

Alert and Responsive 24/7 Home Care to Keep Loved Ones Safe at Home

caregiver assisting senior man out of bed
Family caregivers are dedicated to helping loved ones with their needs, but caring for another person can take a physical and emotional toll. In addition to helping the older adult, family caregivers often have other duties at home or at work, making it more difficult to provide 24/7 home care by themselves, even while living with the loved one. With all of their responsibilities, it’s essential for family caregivers to take breaks and to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, evenings are when many emergencies arise.

At Home Independent Living offers compassionate, reliable 24-hour home care services to help provide a safe environment for older adults while family caregivers get some much-needed rest.

We divide the 24-hour home care into shifts covered by multiple caregivers. This rotating schedule means that caregivers will not need to sleep—even overnight—and will be alert and ready to attend to any care needs. For someone needing care throughout the night, it is reassuring to know that our overnight caregivers are awake and able to respond quickly in case of emergency.

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How Can 24-Hour Home Care Help?

24-hour home care is beneficial in cases of:

  • Wandering – When an individual with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia wakes at night, they may be confused and start wandering. Seeing a friendly caregiver can provide them with reassurance while keeping them safe.
  • Fall prevention – Older adults may get out of bed more at night to use the bathroom which increases fall risk in the dark.
  • Post-surgery – After surgery, individuals may need help getting in or out of bed and changing positions.
  • Mobility concerns – Individuals with decreased mobility may need additional assistance at night.
  • Vision impairment – Darkened rooms can make walking more dangerous for seniors with vision impairment.

Overnight caregivers can assist with:

  • Dressing and preparing for bed
  • Personal care
  • Preparing a safe bathing environment
  • Getting in and out of bed safely
  • Walking to the bathroom at night
  • Medication reminders

In addition to our 24-hour home care for elderly adults, At Home Independent Living offers companion care, homemaking care, specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, supplemental and respite care for family caregivers, and more to help older adults live safely in the comfort of home.

Contact us online or by phone at (315) 579-HOME (4663) to learn how a 24-hour caregiver can help a person you love. We provide 24/7 home care services in Cicero, Syracuse, Clay, Camillus, Fayetteville, Salina, and throughout the nearby areas.