Care Management in the Syracuse Area

A care management provider in Syracuse works with an elderly male client.

Care management services fill in the gaps to ensure all care needs are met.

What Is Care Management?

Care management services ensure individuals have access to any and all resources needed to maximize safety and independence.

Professional care managers (also known as aging life care specialists) perform an in-home assessment to uncover needs and challenges, and provide solutions through:

  • Referrals to medical professionals, financial services, home care, and other resources
  • Coordination of all services
  • Educating and coaching family caregivers
  • Mediating and helping with conflict resolution and challenging family dynamics
  • And much more

When Should Care Management Be Considered?

Care management is appropriate for:

  • Adults looking for a care coordinator and advocate for themselves
  • Family wishing to arrange services for a loved one
  • A professional seeking care coordination/oversight for a client or employee

How Will a Care Manager Be Able to Help?

We start by meeting with the individual and his or her family members to assess physical, mental, and psychosocial status. We then create a detailed written report to outline recommendations to enhance quality of life through services such as:


  • Identify and resolve problems and conflicts
  • Provide treatment for mental health issues
  • Offer advice and support for family members
  • Determining appropriate solutions in times of family crisis

Care Planning and Management

  • Create a customized care plan to improve health, reduce hospitalizations, and enhance socialization and engagement
  • Review the home for safety concerns
  • Recommend and coordinate home modifications and any other services
  • Help with medication management
  • Work together with the individual’s care team to ensure goals are being met
  • Monitor the individual’s health and wellbeing ongoing and adjust the care plan as needed

Wellness Management

  • Educate individuals and family members on medical condition management
  • Provide accompaniment and advocacy during medical appointments and procedures
  • Meet regularly with the individual and family to discuss goals, progress, and any changes in condition

Relocation Management

  • Provide/coordinate assessments to determine the right level of care
  • Evaluate facilities, offer recommendations, and accompany families on facility tours
  • Coordinate necessary aspects of the move and care needs


  • Serve as an individual’s legal guardian when requested
  • Fill in for family members who live at a distance as a local representative
  • Ensure the individual is receiving appropriate care at all times

Patient Review Instrument and Screen

  • Assess cognitive and physical skill levels (required for skilled nursing care; valid for 90 days)

And more, based on each person’s specific circumstances.

We’re here to walk alongside families to provide support, reassurance, and peace of mind. Our care managers relieve stress and bring hope and encouragement to challenging situations.

Contact us online or call us at (315) 579-HOME (4663) to learn more about our care management services and to arrange for a free in-home consultation. At Home Independent Living provides care management services in Cicero, Camilla’s, Syracuse, Fayetteville, Salina, and throughout the Central New York area.