How to Manage Incontinence in Dementia Patients

 March 19, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


Dementia care involves both compassion and creativity to deal with a number of complicated behaviors and effects, and that is particularly true when dealing with incontinence in dementia patients, something that is exceedingly frequent with the disease. These tried-and-true approaches can be effective in decreasing the impact of incontinence and reducing an escalation of emotions in someone you love with Alzheimer’s. (more…)

Our Companion Caregivers Provide Tips for Managing 5 Tough Family Caregiving Emotions

 March 12, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed in your role as caregiver, take heart; you’re in good company. Providing companion care services at home for aging parents is probably one of the most complex roles we can hold: highly gratifying on the one hand, while simultaneously frustrating and ever-evolving, frequently leading to feelings of doubt about whether we are up to the challenge and providing the most beneficial care. (more…)

New Cancer Treatment Looks Promising for All Cancer Types

 March 5, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


We are already aware of how amazing our body’s immune system is in fighting invading bacteria and viruses and restoring us to health following an ailment. Even so, the most current discoveries from a report by Cardiff University are positioned to generate an innovative and unanticipated development: stopping cancer in its tracks. (more…)

Alzheimer’s Agitation: 5 Steps to a Calmer Environment

 February 19, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Alzheimer’s Agitation

Agitation is among the more difficult symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and it may be incredibly hard for family members to control. One of the keys is in taking steps to deal with agitation before it is felt and conveyed by the senior loved one, which involves keeping track of what has caused these feelings in the past, and creating a home environment in which those stimulants are removed or minimized. These strategies can help: (more…)

Dementia and Vision Misperceptions: Tips for Caregivers

 February 12, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Dementia and Vision

The intricate steps needed to enable us to see are mind-boggling. Within the blink of an eye, our brains are able to take transmitted specifics of the world all around us, translate that information based on input from other senses, memories, and thoughts, and then form an understanding of that information to make us aware of what we are seeing. (more…)

Keys to a Successful Family Meeting to Discuss Senior Care

 February 5, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Discuss Senior Care

“It takes a village” was never a more accurate statement than when caring for a senior family member. It’s essential for that “village” to maintain effective, ongoing communication so that you can provide the best care and ensure that everyone taking part in care is on the same page. It is also crucial for family caregivers to have the opportunity to express concerns and to come together to find resolutions, to talk about different perspectives, and also to remain proactive in preparing for the future. (more…)

The Dangers of Dehydration in Seniors and How to Help

 January 17, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


Did you realize…approximately one half of all seniors are chronically under-hydrated, as reported by a recent research study conducted at UCLA? Not only that, but older adults over age 65 represent the highest group of hospital admissions as a consequence of dehydration.


With Dementia Care, Laughter Is Truly the Best Medicine

 January 10, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


Caring for a person you love with dementia is obviously nothing to laugh about. However, studies are increasingly pointing to the benefits associated with laughter, and adding it into dementia care could be precisely what the doctor ordered to boost overall wellbeing for a senior loved one.


Be a Senior’s Care Advocate by Asking The Doctor These Important Questions

 January 3, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

senior couple talking with doctor

Of all of the many responsibilities a family caregiver encounters, perhaps one of the most daunting is managing medical issues. The National Council on Aging estimates that approximately ¾ of all seniors are identified as having at least two chronic diseases, and are seeing an average of four medical specialists.


A New Hope for Alzheimer’s Treatment May Be Coming in 2020

 December 18, 2019 by Dean Bellefeuille

Alzheimer’s Treatment

After 16 long years without any viable treatment options for Alzheimer’s, there is some hope on the horizon, in a stunning reversal on the formerly-rejected antibody therapy, aducanumab. The most recent research reveals that high doses of the medication do, in fact, reduce cognitive decline in early Alzheimer’s. (more…)