Aging With Dignity: Helping Your Loved Ones Navigate Old Age

 January 18, 2021 by Dean Bellefeuille


It is way too easy to get swept up in the everyday tasks of caregiving for an older adult you adore. There is so much to be done, and often it’s just easier and a lot more efficient to do it all yourself, letting a loved one relax. After all, our elders have taken care of things for a lifetime; haven’t they earned a break? (more…)

Dementia Shadowing: How to Help Your Senior Loved One Conquer Fears

 January 15, 2021 by Dean Bellefeuille


Primary caregivers for those with Alzheimer’s disease are often all too experienced with the difficulty of trying to take a quiet moment or two alone – to use the bathroom, get a brief shower, or even walk into another room without your loved one becoming anxious. Those diagnosed with dementia can experience increased fear when a member of their family is out of sight – a condition known as dementia shadowing. And the resulting behaviors can be extremely challenging to manage: crying, anger and meanness, or continuously asking where you are. (more…)

Senior Care Tip: How to Create a Memory Book for Someone with Dementia

 December 22, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Memory Book Dementia

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

Memories are the glue that bind together our past experiences with who we are today; and for someone with dementia, confusion around these memories can have a profound impact. One of our goals in caring for seniors with dementia is to help them hold onto and share memories in order to make sense of daily life. (more…)

Depression in Older Adults During the Holidays and How to Help

 December 17, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Senior Depression

In spite of its reputation for being a season of joy, for some seniors, the holidays are a time of profound sadness. Longing for holidays past, grief over the loss of loved ones, and aging-related changes to health can intensify during the holiday season, and it’s important to take steps to prevent the downward spiral into depression in older adults. (more…)

Celebrating the Holidays with Seniors Safely During the Pandemic

 December 9, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Holidays with Seniors Safety

Think of the most perfect holiday season you can imagine. While that image may vary a bit for each of us, it might include gifts, lights, good food, and traditions passed down through the generations. Yet what most certainly rings true for all of us is the joy in spending the holidays with seniors and other family members we love. (more…)

Is It Dementia, or Just a “Senior Moment?”

 November 5, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille


You completely forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last Wednesday, misplaced your glasses for the umpteenth time, and can’t recall the name of your new neighbor for the life of you. Is all of this just a normal part of growing older, or could it be the start of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia? (more…)

How to Safely Dispose of Expired/Unwanted Senior Medications

 October 20, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Senior Medications

With many seniors taking multiple prescriptions, and with doctors adding and changing medications and dosages to determine the perfect solutions, it is critical to know what to do with medications that are no longer needed or which have expired. There are several options: (more…)

Dealing with Dementia Behaviors: Refusal to Change Clothes

 October 14, 2020 by Dean Bellefeuille

Dealing with Dementia

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia requires creativity, patience, and empathy, being able to step away from your individual logic and reasoning and realize why a specific behavior is occurring, and then to know just how to effectively deal with dementia behaviors. That is certainly the case with an older adult who will not change his or her clothing, no matter how dirty or unkempt an outfit has become. (more…)