January 18, 2021 by Dean Bellefeuille


It is way too easy to get swept up in the everyday tasks of caregiving for an older adult you adore. There is so much to be done, and often it’s just easier and a lot more efficient to do it all yourself, letting a loved one relax. After all, our elders have taken care of things for a lifetime; haven’t they earned a break?

The truth, however, is that aging with dignity and retaining independence during our later years is incredibly important to our wellbeing, and contributes to a feeling of meaning and purpose in life. Even though ensuring safety is paramount, there are ways to empower a loved one in your care to remain in control as much as possible. Learn tips from At Home Independent Living, the leading provider of senior independent living in Syracuse and the surrounding areas:

  • Work together on daily chores. While standing at the kitchen sink and scouring pots and pans may be difficult or unsafe for an older adult, maybe she or he can sit at the table and dry them. The senior may not be able to bake a meal from beginning to end, but can mix ingredients while you reminisce about recipes made over the years. It could take a little planning, even so it’s worthwhile to determine approaches to alter tasks to include the older adult’s help whenever possible.
  • Allow for decision-making. Try to find opportunities to ask for the older adult’s knowledge, allowing her or him to remain in control. Instead of presuming she or he will want a turkey sandwich for lunch, ask. Before automatically accompanying a loved one to the physician’s office for an exam, ask if he or she would like you there. Having a say in even the most basic decisions will make a significant difference in self-esteem.
  • Establish safety with respect. Safety is, of course, critical, but there are ways to ensure a senior loved one stays safe without overstepping boundaries. Medical alert systems, as an example, are a good way to cultivate independence in seniors while providing them with the means to call easily for help when needed.
  • Hire professional in-home caregivers. Some seniors resist the idea of their adult children assisting them with personal care needs, for example, using the toilet or taking a bath. A professional in-home caregiver, who is trained and experienced in being able to facilitate aging with dignity while staying safe, can often be a more agreeable solution.

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