March 21, 2018 by Dean Bellefeuille

Senior with headphones

For older adults, maintaining independence is a vital aspect of living life on their terms. While the physical limitations of age can make the ability to maintain independence seem challenging, in today’s digital era, it’s actually easier than ever. Technology has changed the ways in which we communicate and take care of the daily tasks of living. Additionally, technology helps seniors by allowing for innovation in home care for those who ordinarily might not have been able to manage life on their own. With the multitude of technology, apps and interactive devices available today, maintaining independence is easier than ever, allowing for more enhanced levels of connection, comfort and engagement than ever before.

Many new types of technology have unlimited applications for in home care for seniors, from traditional medical applications to enhanced social engagement capabilities. Not only do these tools bring a much-needed peace of mind to older individuals and those they love, but also technology helps seniors by offering a greater level of freedom and an improved overall quality of life. Here are a few of our favorite tech devices for maintaining independence:

Alarms: Alarm systems offer seniors an increased level of safety and security at home. Many systems can be installed with cameras that let seniors see who is at the door before they answer it. These can be connected to either a computer or smart phone for fast and easy use.

Motion Sensors: For older adults who have wandering issues, motion sensors can be placed in and around the home to track a senior’s movement. Most motion sensor systems can be hooked up to a television or computer with an Internet connection and can allow family members to receive an alert if the sensors are triggered at certain times of day or in certain areas of the home.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS): These life-saving devices have been around for quite awhile now, but continue to be enhanced to improve functionality and effectiveness. PERS are worn by a senior, and they allow for emergency assistance at the press of a button should the senior fall or experience another kind of emergency. Some systems can even tell if the person wearing it has fallen, without the need for him or her to press a button at all.

Automatic Pill Reminders/Dispensers: These devices are perfect for seniors with dementia who are still living safely on their own. When it’s time to take medication, an alarm sounds to alert the senior, and the correct dosage is dispensed. If a dose is missed, a message can be sent to the caregiver to let them know.

Technology has become a wonderful part of senior care, but it is only one part of the care equation. Our highly trained in home senior care team can provide a variety of quality home care services, such as light housekeeping, meal planning, transportation, companionship, personal care and more to ensure your senior loved one is well cared for.

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