September 10, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

Short of finding a fountain of youth, there is one step we can take to combat aging: surround ourselves with kids! New data shows that simply being around children can help relieve depression, reduce the need for some medications, and increase exercise in seniors. With families often at a distance, however, it can be difficult for the elderly to find an opportunity to hang out with youthful companions. To that end, some organizations are combining traditional home care & independent living activities by creating opportunities to get kids and seniors together in some fun and interesting ways.

William Thomas, founder of The Eden Alternative, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating quality of life for the elderly, believes that being in the presence of children helps older adults thrive, build resilience, and avoid depression. Health insurance provider Humana also believes in the power of youth and healthy aging. Humana has worked with non-profit KaBoom to build and sponsor multigenerational playgrounds with equipment suitable for all ages that can combine the benefits of physical activity and mingling with children in order to maximize the benefits of exercise and to help motivate older adults to exercise.

Learn more about how children hold the key to better health and aging in this article from US News.

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