January 7, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

Technology Is Changing Elder Care

Technology is constantly changing our everyday lives. We have robots that can vacuum our floors for us, all the information we need fits in tiny cell phones, and our cars may soon be driving themselves! Technology is even changing how we provide care for seniors. Today we have devices that can remind an older adult when to take medication, alert caregivers if a senior gets up in the middle of the night, and even track the GPS location of an older person who tends to wander. And the landscape of senior care technology is continuing to change. Consider, for instance, these examples of how life for older adults may soon be impacted by more technology:

  • Social: Many seniors are already enjoying Skype sessions to stay close to the grandkids, but the next generation of online socializing may be able to allow for projection directly on a wall in the home. Just picture distant family and friends all able to “gather together” on the dining room wall for dinner!
  • Transportation: One of the most challenging aspects of aging can be the realization that it’s time to give up the car keys for safety reasons. However, automotive technology is now steering in the direction of self-driving cars operated through simple text commands, enabling seniors to drive longer, and more safely.
  • Health: Advances in health-related technology are truly mindboggling, including the possibilities for a bathroom mirror that can scan one’s face and detect heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease warning signs, and even a toilet that can report its owner’s vital signs remotely to a call center.

While technological evolution is certainly exciting to watch, what will be the cost – both physically and psychologically for seniors? At Home Independent Living believes that nothing will ever replace the one-on-one, face-to-face compassionate care of a professional caregiver. Dr. Joseph Coughlin notes that as a society we should imagine an older age that is more than simply living longer, but rather about living better. Read more of Dr. Coughlin’s Wall Street Journal article on how technology will transform aging.

Helping Syracuse seniors remain independent and stay connected to and engaged with their friends, family and community is a main focus for the home care professionals at At Home Independent Living. Our caregivers genuinely enjoy spending quality time socializing with our clients, providing transportation and companionship to outings and events, or simply talking together over a cup of tea at home. If your elderly loved one needs a helping hand and a caring friend at home, our in-home care services in the Syracuse area are available for as much or as little time as you’d like. Contact us at 315-579-4663 for more information about our home care services.