November 14, 2017 by Dean Bellefeuille

Caring for Aging Parents - lafayette home health

Although we’d prefer to turn a blind eye to it, family friction happens to be common in some form for most of us, and during a time of crisis when caring for aging parents, is usually aggravated. After levels of stress are elevated, it’s common to look for a target to serve as an outlet for those emotions; and unfortunately, that target is often those we’ve shared probably the most with over a lifetime: our brothers and sisters.

In case family dynamics are preventing your capability to band together in caring for aging parents, these guidelines can help:

  • Talk to Each Other. Even though it seems to be rudimentary, it is worth stressing that excellent communication is paramount to comprehending various point of views and getting on the same page. Taking note of important details, like financial decisions, your parents’ wishes, and who has consented to give assistance with each part of caregiving is definitely a good plan.
  • Accommodate. Share with each other what sorts of needs you’re available to help with; however, be aware that compromises may need to be made in an effort to make sure that all bases are covered. Know that sacrifices will likely be required from all parties involved in caregiving, and come together to discover a solution that is as fair as possible to every person.
  • Delegate. Recognize that there is supplementary help available to help families in continuing to keep their elderly members of the family safe and thriving. Partnering with an experienced home care agency, such as At Home Independent Living, provides families much-needed time to take care of their own personal lives while knowing their loved ones are getting the finest possible care.

Preparing for as much ahead of time as possible prior to a care need arises is essential for cutting down on family friction later. The At Home Independent Living Family Learning Center is a great resource to help begin research and start a family dialogue. Gather details on how your mother and father would wish to manage certain circumstances as they grow older. Would they prefer to age in place at home, or move to an assisted living facility? If they’d choose to remain at home, what safety and accessibility improvements should be made? How would they like daily tasks to be handled when the need for assistance appears, such as with bathing, getting dressed, maintaining the home, etc.?

At Home Independent Living recognizes that challenging family dynamics are often at their highest when facing the prospect of caring for aging parents. Contact us at 315.579.HOME (4663) to find out how our Lafayette home health care team can help alleviate worry and provide the solutions to care that can restore peace to you and your family.