December 18, 2019 by Dean Bellefeuille

Alzheimer’s Treatment - elder care independent living syracuse ny

After 16 long years without any viable treatment options for Alzheimer’s, there is some hope on the horizon, in a stunning reversal on the formerly-rejected antibody therapy, aducanumab. The most recent research reveals that high doses of the medication do, in fact, reduce cognitive decline in early Alzheimer’s.

According to Rebecca Edelmayer, director of scientific engagement at the Alzheimer’s Association, “It could be a game-changer for the field. It could be one of the first disease-modifying therapies approved for Alzheimer’s disease.”

Biogen, the manufacturer of aducanumab, reports significant benefits for dementia patients in a variety of areas: activities of daily living, memory, language, and orientation. Biogen announced its plans to pursue regulatory approval in the U.S., with a longer-term goal of introducing the medication globally.

With a forecasted request for approval from the FDA as soon as early 2020, the medication is slated to potentially become the first treatment option to actually reduce the clinical decline of Alzheimer’s. Additionally, it will open doors to other Alzheimer’s treatment options that impact amyloid beta plaques, joining other trials that target the immune system, inflammation, blood vessels, and synaptic cell health. As finding the most effective treatment of the disease is a complex endeavor, it’s likely that a combination of these approaches will be necessary, per Edelmayer.

The next challenge? Convincing the FDA to approve the medication after past failed trials. If approved, aducanumab will first be offered to those who had enrolled in previous trials, and hopefully, soon available to others struggling with the challenges of Alzheimer’s as well.

For the nearly 6 million senior Americans battling Alzheimer’s (and that figure expected to more than double in the next 30 years), and the loved ones who care for them, these latest findings could be life-changing, as there are currently only minimally effective symptom-management medications available. At Home Independent Living, experts in elder care and independent living Syracuse, NY and the surrounding areas trust, are prepared to assist dementia patients through highly skilled, trained, and experienced caregivers who utilize creative, therapeutic approaches that focus on each individual’s unique strengths and ensuring each person is living to the fullest possible potential.

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