November 4, 2015 by Dean Bellefeuille

senior home care services

Taking the kids to soccer practice, holding down a full-time job, trying to keep up with friends, all on top of caring for an aging loved one – a family caregiver’s job is never done. Caring for a loved one, along with all your other responsibilities, can be stressful, and if we could choose one perfect gift to bestow upon family caregivers, it would be a blanket of peace to relieve the stress and replace it with a sense of calm purpose. So, in honor of National Family Caregivers Month, settle in with a warm cup of tea and enjoy these peace-inducing tips!

  • Identify stress triggers. What thoughts cause your blood pressure to skyrocket? Sometimes stress is less related to external circumstances than it is to internal ones. Our thoughts affect our mood, which then affects our interactions with others and with life itself. Changing those thoughts to more positive ones can greatly impact your stress level.
  • Slow down. A family caregiver’s hectic pace of life does little to foster a sense of peace. Carve out a block of time each day to unwind, decompress, and relax with a soothing activity that you enjoy.
  • Seek out joy. The incredible beauty of the natural world around us is easy to overlook when we’re overstressed. Open your eyes with a renewed sense of wonder to the world around you and allow yourself to become fully immersed in experiencing it.
  • Be kind to yourself. You may feel as though your level of patience and compassion is running low when doling out so much of it to the person for whom you’re providing care. Remember, however, to set a little aside for yourself.
  • Minimize the drama. The mental and emotional energy expended by negativity, such as drama and gossip, can quickly drain your reserve of peace. Make a conscious effort to seek out the company of those with whom conversations take a more positive slant.

Caring for a senior loved one can increase your stress, but At Home Independent Living can increase your peace by partnering with you in providing the care your loved one needs and deserves. Contact us to learn more about our respite care and other senior home care services in Syracuse, New York and how they can help your family.