September 17, 2015 by Dean Bellefeuille

Senior Woman Comforting Depressed Husband Sitting On Bench

In our last blog, we shared some of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease; but what you may not realize is that depression and Alzheimer’s can present very similar symptoms. For example, memory, concentration, and even motor skills can be affected by both conditions. It’s important to understand and pay close attention to the differences, and then share what you’re seeing in your senior loved one with his or her doctor.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease:

  • Mental decline happens slowly
  • The patient experiences confusion and disorientation, often becoming lost in familiar locations
  • Patient has difficulty with short-term memory
  • Writing, speaking and motor skills are impaired
  • Patient does not notice memory problems or seem to care

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Mental decline occurs relatively rapidly
  • Patient knows the correct time and date, and recognizes his or her surroundings
  • Patient has difficulty concentrating
  • Language and motor skills are slow, but normal
  • Patient notices and/or worries about his or her memory problems

Both Alzheimer’s disease and depression can have a dramatic effect on your senior loved one’s wellbeing, and if either is suspected, it should be addressed as soon as possible with a physician.

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