February 8, 2021 by Dean Bellefeuille

The fear and isolation as a result of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the wellbeing of older adults, with nearly half of seniors surveyed in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll stating that their amount of stress and worry was adversely affecting their own health. Even though it still may be hazardous to visit in person with senior loved ones, it’s important to stay in regular and frequent contact, and also to look for any signs or changes that may signify a mental health concern, such as elderly depression.


 May 27, 2015 by Dean Bellefeuille

We’ve been sharing a plethora of benefits, both emotional and physical, to seniors remaining social, but here’s one that may surprise you: socialization may actually reduce cognitive decline. Since some of the top concerns of aging include the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, memory loss, and other cognitive problems, it’s certainly worth looking into the potential benefits of socialization in these areas. For example: (more…)

 May 7, 2015 by Dean Bellefeuille

Perhaps one of the most disturbing images we conjure up when thinking of the elderly is one of utter loneliness, spending long hours remembering the “good old days” or simply staring off into space as depression sinks in. While it’s true that aging can involve a great deal of loss – friends, loved ones, the ability to drive, perhaps some degree of mobility – it can also be a season of new relationships and discoveries. The key is in staying social and avoiding senior isolation. (more…)