October 11, 2017 by Dean Bellefeuille

There’s encouraging information for those with peripheral artery disease (PAD), a debilitating condition that can occur from smoking or diabetes and can increase a person’s likelihood of developing a heart attack or stroke, and sometimes resulting in limb amputation. Medicare will now cover the cost of treadmill therapy once prescribed and monitored by a medical professional.

How Does Treadmill Therapy Help People With PAD?

With few treatment methods, individuals battling with PAD experience soreness and cramping in the legs described as “feeling as if their leg is in a vise,” according to University of Minnesota’s Diane Treat-Jacobson. Prescription drugs have proven inadequate in decreasing pain, and although stent or bypass operations can certainly help, they’re pricey and come with their own associated risks. The latest research is revealing that treadmill therapy can be just as effective, at a greatly reduced cost, and with Medicare on board to pay for that cost, a lot of rehab centers are preparing for a wave of patients prepared to test it out.

The expectation is that various other insurance companies will shortly follow suit and provide coverage for treadmill therapy, which is usually the case once Medicare covers a treatment option. At present, over 2,000 hospital-based therapy centers are preparing to provide treadmill exercise sessions to those whose health professionals prescribe and oversee them.

Considering people who have PAD often restrict regular exercise because of leg pain, the benefits of supervised treadmill therapy go beyond decreased hospitalizations and cost savings to improving heart and lung health, lengthening the distance a person with PAD can walk without discomfort, and even potentially increasing length and quality of life.

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