Our Difference

A Commitment to Caring

When searching for home care services, you want only the best for your loved one. At Home Independent Living offers unique elder care assistance that sets us apart from the rest.

We provide a client / companion matching process that has been refined over 30 years, that assists our home care coordinators with matching the right companions to each client’s specific needs, personality and environment.

Consistency in care is important, so we make every effort to ensure that each client has one constant, dedicated caregiver, allowing a bond to be built between the client and care companion.

All care companions are personally introduced before any services are started. Careful supervision and positive interaction with our coordinator maintains the companion’s professionalism and enthusiasm.

All companions are trained, insured, bonded, reference-checked along with an extensive background check performed by local law enforcement.

A Commitment to Quality

Mobile Workforce Management System

In pursuit of providing the best quality of service to our clients, At Home Independent Living utilizes a mobile workforce management system that proactively monitors all employees in the field on a real-time basis, providing immediate notification to management of all arrivals, departures or missed appointments. Through the use of Caller ID technology, the management system provides accurate, detailed data that eliminates any chance of billing errors or fraud. The system also allows employees to enter specific activities performed, supplies used and mileage.

Clients and family members can log in to the Family Portal directly from our website to view schedules, billing history and view and update the “Plan of Care” in real time. This provides a more transparent relationship with our clients. We were one of the first home care agencies to implement proactive management technology in Central New York, and we continue to raise the bar for others to follow.

Quality Care With Proven Results

2016-BOHC-Provider-of-Choice_smallAgain, we have raised the bar for others to follow. At Home Independent Living is the only Syracuse home care to have an outside company (Best of Home Care) measure and publicize the quality of our customer service and client satisfaction. Having a highly respected national company who is impartial document, measure and certify our quality of service allows us to provide measurable means to our prospective clients, as apposed to an unsubstantiated opinion or boast.

CQA Certified | Caregiver Quality AssuranceWe are certified by Caregiver Quality Assurance (CQA), a program committed to ensuring that home care agencies hire only top tier in-home caregivers and care companions. Every company displaying the CQA Seal must screen applicants using the Caregiver Selection System which includes:

  • workplace attitude assessment that measures three core traits – dependability, honesty and aggression
  • personality assessment that measures six core traits – conscientiousness, tough minded, conventional, extroversion, stable and teamwork
  • cognitive reasoning assessment that measures problem solving and learning speed

Quality Training Sets Our Caregivers Apart

When you’re choosing a care provider for a loved one, one thing makes all the difference: a caring and well-trained staff. Our caregivers have advanced training far beyond the basic orientation offered by other providers. Our unique training extends to the heart as well as the mind.

AcquireTrainingBecause of our commitment to the training of all of our staff members, we’ve partnered with aQuire Training Solutions a division of the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) to provide a uniquely effective approach to staff training and building.

The IPCed approach uses an interactive and dynamic training mode, one proven to be more effective than traditional training.

Our staff is our most important asset. We have chosen to invest in a training program that will provide you with the highest possible level of care available.

Why is our approach to staff training so important to you?

  • Better trained staff means a consistently higher quality of care.
  • Because we have unlimited access to course information, there is never any skimping on training due to cost.
  • Training content is written by experts in the field of quality senior care, specifically for caregivers.
  • Interactive and dynamic course presentation is fun and reinforces learning.
  • Training topics such as dementia care handling difficult situations, nutrition and hydration ensure your loved ones will receive compassionate care from knowledgeable caregivers

Family Learning Center

Sign up for our free online family caregiver training and review the quality of our training materials for yourself.

We are committed to providing the very best care to our clients and their families in Syracuse and the surrounding area. Contact At Home Independent Living to find out more about our award-winning home care services.