February 16, 2018 by Dean Bellefeuille

Impacting millions of Americans, vision loss is as varied as the individuals who experience it – from simply needing to don a pair of reading glasses to browse through the morning newspaper, to total blindness. And it’s even more common in older adults, with one in every three elders over age 65 having some sort of eye disease that impacts vision, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and others. Thankfully, much like a lot of other challenging conditions, technology continues to explode with choices to improve total well-being for anyone experiencing vision problems. Just take a glance at a few of the vision enhancement tools that are now available: (more…)

 February 12, 2018 by Dean Bellefeuille

It’s a sensitive topic to go over with aging parents, but one which has to be resolved sooner rather than later: finances. Many adult children are reluctant to ask about their parents’ financial matters until there is a desperate need, but initiating the discussion ahead of the need provides ample opportunity to ensure everything is in order. (more…)

 February 8, 2018 by Dean Bellefeuille

It is always best to tell the truth, right? Yet there are times when some truths are better left unsaid, or at least worded more positively, particularly when communicating with senior parents. While we may have the very best of intentions in attempting to help older adults navigate life, we can help alleviate problems with hurt feelings in our senior parents by rethinking statements such as the following: (more…)