July 22, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

Imagine this happening: your frail, senior mother, who lives alone, fell last weekend, broke her thigh bone and forearm, and is currently being released from the hospital. Leafing through her discharge papers reveals the need for medications, physical therapy, medical follow-up in several weeks, and a number of symptoms to watch for that could mean a return trip to the E/R. (more…)

 July 8, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

There’s no emotional rollercoaster quite like the one ridden by family members providing care for an aging or chronically ill loved one. In fact, very few if any emotions don’t come into play at one time or another during caregiving – and sometimes, the full spectrum of emotions can happen entirely in one day. Probably one of the heaviest feelings to manage however, is guilt; feeling as though you should be doing more for your loved one and less for yourself. (more…)

 July 1, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

At Home Independent Living, a Syracuse home care agency, believes there’s never been a more intriguing time in the world of Alzheimer’s research than the present, and new developments seem to be occurring every time we turn around. The most recent discoveries are expected to be of major importance in the search for treatments and possibly even a cure: the interrelationship of Alzheimer’s and the body’s immune response to infections. (more…)