May 12, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

Family. We love them, but we don’t always get along with them. Our relationships with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents shape who we are as people. While some of us in Camillus, NY live in harmony with our families, others avoid family gatherings as much as possible. When an older loved one is in need of care, however, family members often find themselves forced to work together to come up with care solutions. When a hurtful family history collides with a present family caregiving need, is it possible to work together for a positive outcome?


 May 10, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

Our memories link us to our past and unite us with our loved ones. One of the biggest tragedies of Alzheimer’s disease is that it robs a person of his or her precious memories, which creates confusion for the person with the disease and a sense of disconnect and frustration among his or her loved ones. If you’ve spent any length of time with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you know firsthand how tragic the loss of memory can be. And it’s been widely accepted that once these memories have been wiped away, they’re gone for good. (more…)

 May 5, 2016 by Dean Bellefeuille

Vitamins are good for you; that’s what we’ve been told since we were given our first fruity Flintstones vitamin as kids. And it’s true, vitamin supplements offer numerous benefits, especially for older adults who may not be able to get their daily recommended vitamins from diet alone. However, there are times when taking vitamins can actually be dangerous to your health.