September 17, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

With life expectancy continuing to increase, the elderly population is booming. Compared to those living at the start of the 20th century, this generation may live an additional 30 years, raising some interesting questions: What do we want to do with those extra years, and how can society change the way it looks at aging to improve quality of life for the elderly? (more…)

 September 10, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

Short of finding a fountain of youth, there is one step we can take to combat aging: surround ourselves with kids! New data shows that simply being around children can help relieve depression, reduce the need for some medications, and increase exercise in seniors. With families often at a distance, however, it can be difficult for the elderly to find an opportunity to hang out with youthful companions. To that end, some organizations are combining traditional home care & independent living activities by creating opportunities to get kids and seniors together in some fun and interesting ways. (more…)