April 10, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

Aging can bring about a number of lifestyle changes, and perhaps the hardest of these is the ability to remain safely and independently at home. But is life in a nursing home an unavoidable option? Before making the unalterable decision to sell your loved one’s home and move him or her into a long-term care facility, take the time to completely assess conditions and prognosis, formal and informal support systems, and financial ability for care. (more…)

  by Dean Bellefeuille

Looking for information on home care or tips on how to provide the best care or how to communicate with your aging loved one? Click here to view our video resource library. At Home Independent Living is your Syracuse elderly care experts here to help you and your senior loved one.

 April 4, 2014 by Dean Bellefeuille

Facing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in a loved one brings up a myriad of questions: Is it really Alzheimer’s, or could it be dementia? What causes Alzheimer’s? What treatment options are there? And how is it diagnosed, anyway? With our extensive experience in caring for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, At Home Independent Living has compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive: (more…)